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Cummins  Onan  Generators 

Cummins Onan generators come in a wide variety of sizes and fuel types. From smaller gasoline and propane models to larger diesel-powered models for bus type Class A RVs, to horse trailers, and smaller RV's. We strive to provide the quiet, reliable auxiliary power you need to make your life on the road all it can be. We sell new and rebuilt generators, along with repair and maintenance on all Onan generators.

TIPS: Exercising your generator — It’s also very important to exercise your generator regularly, to keep everything in good working order and (in the case of gasoline sets) to avoid fuel varnishing, which can affect performance if the generator is stored for an extended time.

Regular service and  maintenance is required for your generator to have a happy life! 

Customer Generator Cover Made by                              Get-U-Goin RV 

We also offer Portable Onan generators that come in P2500, P4500, and P9500. Lightweight, quiet, remote start, affordable, and many other options. Please contact Tammi @ Get-U-Goin RV for more information and availability.  

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P2500 Price

P4500 Price

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